Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dog Days

I just wanted to let my 5 or 6 loyal readers know that posts are likely to be a little thin the next couple of months. Between Alejandro Escovedo’s new one Real Animal next week and Brian Wilson’s That Lucky Old Sun in September there’s really not a whole lot being released that I give a shit about. Courtney Love’s latest crime against humanity is due sometime in “spring/summer 2008” and you better believe I’ll be on that like a hobo on a dead junkie, but otherwise this summer just doesn’t look that promising for interesting releases good, bad or in between. At least releases interesting to me.

I’ll try and get the Alejandro review up before I leave town on the 28th (it’s already been reviewed from The Austin Chronicle to Rolling Stone so my opinion isn’t likely to have much impact anyway), write up the occasional noteworthy show I catch, note the inevitable RIPs, and certainly find a nugget or two of offensive cultural goings on to rant about, but that’s likely to be it ‘til September when things pick up again. Or maybe I’ll actually go see a movie and write about that.

Anyway, before I get too far off track, expect posts here at Cultural Senescence to succumb to the dog days of the Texas summer, as so much else has over time.

Notwithstanding slavery, The Indian Wars, Jim Crow, Japanese internment camps, institutionalized racism, sexism, and homophobia, the current administration, the last seven presidents (at least), and The Jonas Brothers try to remember that the old USA isn’t that bad a place to live and enjoy your Independence Day. With a little help… Well, a lot of help, it might be a great place to live one day.

Before you fall under the misapprehension that I’m softening in my old age bear in mind that I’m not holding my fucking breath.


Anonymous said...

Ok on the Courtney Love, there, man. I did however like 'Live Through This'. But that was it! I am an angry woman, can't help it. Who wouldn't want to buy an album by a band named HOLE? C'mon... O well, no more "Hole"s (oxymoron, there?) yeah, let's roast the bitch! Let's hear it blogmaster! I am listening; closely.
~Ciao, AK G Rae

MiseryCreek said...

I dig your point, but at the risk of further angering angry women everywhere, everything she does just smacks of a publicity stunt. The scuttlebutt is that Eric Erlandson wrote most of "Pretty on the Inside" and Kurt Cobain wrote most of "Live Through This". Any truth to it? I can't say, but the nature of the music on both definitely suggest it to me. It's no secret that Billy Corrigan wrote most of the last one, and it's tone and the songwriting style strongly reflect it.

My contempt for her runs deep, I'll admit, and maybe it's not fair, but I gots to calls 'em as I sees 'em. There are a lot of angry women out there playing music, punk rock or otherwise, with searing honesty and passion. And there's no question they write their own stuff. Watching Ms. Love continuously and publicly make an utter ass of herself has drained away whatever ability I had to take her seriously.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really take her seriously even with "Live Through This". I just liked the album, which, would further your point, that Kurt probably did write lyrics. I love Kurt, poor guy! She is a tub of wiggly lard and were she to be spotted on the beaches near where I live, the subsistance residents would harpoon her, feeling doing so was legally within their right. She's just plain stoopid nowadays. Hard to believe she had a Barbara Wa-Wa interview years ago. Who was the 'dumb bitch' on that one? (snicker)
Luvins to you, B!!
~AK G Rae

MiseryCreek said...

I'd like to be there if she's ever spotted on the beaches where you live. Call me quick and I'll be on the next plane out. I wouldn't want to miss that shit for the world.

Luvins back atcha AK G Rae