Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tony Hillerman RIP

I'm going to have to stop writing eulogies. This is getting ridiculous. Here we go:

Tony Hillerman was an American writer. He wrote mysteries set in the American Southwest that involved Native Americans and their spiritual beliefs. Lots of people liked his stuff and he sold millions of books. I never read anything he wrote even though a couple of people have told me I should. He died Sunday at the age of 83 of pulmonary failure.

I hate to sell him short but, while immensely popular, Cormac McCarthy he wasn't. Or so I'm told. Plus, I'm sick of this blog being a litany of dead cultural personalities and their life stories. Sorry, Tony. Maybe I'll get around to you some day.

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Anonymous said...

Misery, HONEY! Yes, you'll have to stop writing eulogies! You sound a bit uncaring... AND I know you're NOT! HA! This last one just had me in stitches... My apologies to this Tony guy for dying and what not, but my concern is more along the lines of WTF...

Peace LOVE and hard cocks, AK GRae