Monday, November 3, 2008

John Daly RIP

Chairman of Film and Music Entertainment Inc. John Daly died Fridy at the age of 71. He produced flicks like Platoon and The Last Emporer. There's a lot more interesting shit about his early career if you want to look it up, but I'm too sick of writing about the recently deceased to research it and cast it into my own poetic prose.

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Misery. Yep.

Would you mind reviewing some music or some shit... ??

I love 'ya, but man, RIP-ing, can tear one apart.

I appreciate your respect of the departed, but perhaps we're just at the age where this is one of the most obvious things going on. You get old, if you live, you see people die. THE CALANDER is the old bald cheater, you know.

Love John Daly, I do, but Misery, you are ALIVE!

Show us what you can do...

I know, but I like to see it anyway!

~AK GRae